GraphicConverter 11 by Lemke Software

I downloaded the trial and played with it for a few days. Yep, it would convert those .fpx files, but it was able to do so much more. I downloaded the manual and started reading to see what this program was all about. The manual is a whopping 448 pages, so there is a lot

Keyboard Cleaning Brushes

This recommended kit includes seven different brushes, a pair of tweezers, and a key puller. All of the components come in a nice zippered plastic bag for easy storage.

Emails New HEYday

HEY was advertised "as a totally new way to look at and process your email. They said that their new approach transforms email into something you want to use, not something you’re forced to deal with." This sounded like something I could use.

Drone No Fly Zones

I hadn’t flown my drone, a DJI Mavic Pro, in over a year and decided to get some aerial shots of the forest behind our house since it was going to be harvested for its trees (Douglas Firs) earlier this year. Little did I know that I was in a “No Fly Zone”.

iMac Pro Problems

Starting over a month ago, my iMac Pro started locking up at various times and the cursor would disappear. I would have to use the power button to reboot the computer. That was the only way to recover from the problem.

Is He Trying To Scam Me?

I received an email from an unknown person saying that I needed to give him access to my iCloud account! I ignored it at first figuring it was a phishing scam, but he persisted and stated that he had purchased an Apple Watch from me on eBay and it was locked.

New Weather Station – Ambient Weather WS-2000

After a few days of review, I decided on the “Ambient Weather” WS-2000 weather station. This station came with a console that displayed the data and the console interfaces wirelessly with our wireless network to upload the data.